My C15 Super Booster is a different color than I’m used to. Is it okay to use?

You may notice from time to time that the shade can vary on your C15, especially after use. One of the challenges of having an irritant-free line is that we cannot use coloring agents or dyes to ensure a precise, consistent color from batch to batch. Because of this, there can be color variations with some of our products. Since judging color can be subjective, we have provided a color swatch below that shows the acceptable range of colors when used within three months after opening, and six months unopened.

C15 Colour Range

If your C15 Super Booster past its expiration and the color and texture have changed to a dark brown with a thick texture, it is best to replace the product.

Upon opening, it has to be used within three months and placed in a cool and dry environment.

We strongly discourage stocking up of products so as to ensure that the products are kept fresh and stable for maximum effectiveness.