What Is The Exact Percentage Of An Ingredient Found In Paula’s Choice Products?

Unlike most cosmetic companies, Paula’s Choice provides extensive information for each of our products on www.PaulasChoice.com, including published research showing what the ingredients we use can do for your skin. If you need help locating that information, please let us know.

Both Paula and our product development team hope you understand that the exact concentration of our cosmetic ingredients is something we can’t reveal. Our proprietary formulas are a critical part of our business, and all other available information are on our product pages and product packaging.

Although Paula has criticized other companies in the past for not revealing percentages, this is related to AHA or BHA exfoliants, or in cases where a marketed key ingredient is present only in a tiny amount. Otherwise, we respect each company’s right to their proprietary formulas.

Of course, we do provide exact percentages of those active ingredients required by the FDA to be listed on the ingredient label.

Aside from any one ingredient, Paula would also like you to know that every single one of our products contain a cocktail of beneficial ingredients that address the complicated needs of every skin care concern. If you have other Paula’s Choice questions, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.