All orders on Paula’s Choice Singapore are vetted during processing for bulk orders and unauthorized reselling. Orders of such nature will be automatically canceled and we may provide notifications prior to cancellation but are not obligated to do so. These accounts will also be exempted from our Rewards Programme.

Bulk orders and unauthorized reselling are defined as:

  1. An order is considered as bulk ordering when it contains more than three of the same products and/or repeated buying patterns per customer, which may represent more than normal personal usage. This applies to all our retail platforms including our website, online partner platforms (Shopee and Zalora), and retail store.
  2. Any sales of Paula’s Choice product outside of an Authorized Retailer, International or Domestic, not approved by Paula’s Choice Singapore, is considered unauthorized reselling.

Bulk Orders

Paula’s Choice Singapore works hard to ensure adequate stock for all of our valued customers who shop with us. Bulk orders restrict our customers’ access to products by reducing available inventory and are sometimes directly connected with unauthorized reselling.

Unauthorized Reselling

Our brand reputation is built on making sure that our products are effective and work to address many skin types and concerns. Our proprietary formulas are a very important part of our business. This is why we do not allow third-party resellers to distribute our products unless approved by Paula’s Choice Singapore.

If you wish to be our authorized retailers, please drop us an email at and our team will assist you further.

International Distribution

We constantly monitor for locations that sell Paula’s Choice Skincare products outside of our Authorized Retailers. Rogue sellers not only risk selling our customers expired products or items that are not suited to that customer – but they also risk exposing our products to animal testing. Some countries have laws whereby the authorities can test products found for sale in shops, markets or online, on animals. It’s of the utmost importance to us that we don’t allow our products to enter these countries because of the risk that our products could be tested in this way, unknown by us.